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Favicon.cc is an easy online favicon maker where you can quickly create great looking favicons for your website in a matter of minutes. You can either come up with something yourself or just use some image. Regardless of what you choose, it shouldn’t take long. Once your favicon is ready you can save it to your computer and optionally share it with others. No registration required.

favicon cc maker   Favicon.cc : Online Favicon Maker


  • Quickly make your own favicons using easy-to-use editor.
  • Draw favicon manually or grab it directly from an image.
  • Download and save created favicons to your computer.
  • Share your creation with others by publishing it on favicon.cc.
  • Browse, save and rate favicons created by others.
  • Browse publicly shared favicons by tags, latest or ‘top rated’.

Check out Favicon.cc @ www.favicon.cc

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Great tool!