Faux News: 10 Best Websites for Fake News & Satire

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Let’s face it, folks, the news can be depressing. Sara covered for us the top 5 good news websites, an enchanting place where you don’t have to lock your doors at night and the world seems like a much better place.

Yup, there are plenty of positive events going on, but where would you go if you needed a break from what the mainstream media covers and just have a good laugh?

Enter the world of fake news and satire. It’s a place where fact checking isn’t needed and things like journalistic ethics and standards, objectivity, and values are simply discouraged.

The Onion

Of course, there’s The Onion. The popular Peabody Award-winning fake news organization does it best, with well-written articles and even its own astonishingly genuine-looking video broadcasts as the Onion News Network (have you seen Apple’s new MacBook Wheel?).

The Onion’s printed edition newspaper is sold in bookstores worldwide and is distributed to select U.S. cities.

Private Eye

Private Eye is kind of the British version of The Onion.

The satirical magazine’s website provides numerous columns, covers news from the U.K. and around the world, as well as fun stuff like crosswords and cartoons.

Indecision Forever

It’s all the fun of a regular political website, but with only half the insight.

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Indecision Forever actually covers real political news, but with Comedy Central’s own twist to things. The “reduced-fact” website also offers clips from the network’s satirical programs The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report.


Offering the “news before it happens,” NewsBiscuit puts out Onion-quality articles on a regular basis, covering a broad range of topics.

The Spoof

Touted as “one of the leading satire newspapers on the Internet,” The Spoof provides daily news headlines on current world affairs, sports, science, and entertainment.

What separates the website’s content from others is that The Spoof relies solely on its readers to submit stories.

Sports Pickle

Sports Pickle is a humor, satire, and parody website covering the world of sports.

Sure, The Onion has its own very well done sports section, but Sports Pickle is updated more often and stays on top of all the latest news in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and more. Because of that, this website does it better when it comes to sports.

Unconfirmed Sources

Unconfirmed Sources publishes political satire and news story parodies regularly. The website’s disclaimer reads, “In case you didn’t get it, none of the stories are real. It’s all fake. We made it all up. It’s satire.”

“The people might be real, but the quotes are not. If it gets you mad, get a life.”

CAP News

Complete with a modified ABC News logo, CAP News covers, well, what you’d probably expect ABC to cover.

With U.S. and international news, the website also reports on politics, entertainment, business, health, and more.

The Enduring Vision

Bringing the world satire and love, The Enduring Vision is updated five nights a week with well-written content. The website is packed full of news, editorials, and great features, including “The Best of Spam” and “What Can YOU Do?”

DERF Magazine

DERF Magazine is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, but that doesn’t stop the publication from reporting on whatever is happening in the U.S. and worldwide.

From local content to stories on just about anything, DERF also includes pet orbituaries and lame horoscopes.


With satire for the wise and news for the dumb, NewsMutiny offers national and world news, as well as articles on opinion, local, entertainment, home and garden, advice, and a “Farts and Giggles” page with all kinds of crazy stuff.

Looking for more websites? HumorFeed is a news aggregator specifically for satire and humor. Even Google News is in on the act, displaying satirical publications with a “(satire)” tag among its news sources. Check out the latest stories here.

If you’ve got a favorite satire website, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Jersey Bob

The Onion always makes me laugh. And their production is first-rate.



I’m sorry but you seem to have forgotten fox news, you should add it after all it is one of the best faux news channel I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.



Fox news?


The sad thing is that people often take the news on these sites seriously. Also, the Onion is the best, for newspaper style faux news.

Derf Editor

One would think they’d be the best with over 20 writers and several editors but we get unsolicited comments almost every week comparing our material more favorably. Sometimes on a timely topic it’s obvious they succumb to speed rather than quality. To get in the news cycle they pound a mediocre joke out there rather than waiting a couple days for better ideas. Also we believe the onion unintentionally ripped us off in one case….we wrote, “Christian rock band leaves hotel room immaculate.” a few months later they wrote, “Christian rock band cleans up hotel room.” We called them and they were very respectable about it but they didn’t completely admit the piece was plagiarized. They said a trusted freelance writer submitted the piece. Since they at least checked into it and were very cordial, we chalked it up to coincidence although it was very questionable.

John McClain

Interesting. When it comes to news with these websites, I’m sure that it’s bound to happen that similar headlines are made, but since in your case it was just a random story, it is indeed very fishy.


Dean Sherwin

Cool sits. But I can see one getting bored of them really quick. They must have a high bounce rate.



My favourite has to be another UK based site: the Daily Mash http://www.thedailymash.co.uk – very funny


Gary Cain

Check out the new outrageous fake news and satire site Humor Volcano



Irreverent Magazine is a good site but has any writer in the UK EVER found a way to ‘contact us’ and contribute material?..searching for it is impossible – like the bloody Da Vinci code but without the crap ending.

Funny though




I have a site called http://www.eveningbogstandard.com. The intention is to be our opinionatd and outrageous than mainstream site may be able to afford. I am currently writing the volume of content myself and updating all of it weekly. If I see potential I might want to involve other writers/illustrators designers. But I could maintain all the writing myself if I thought it was worth it and then only seek better design. Comments, ideas, thoughts, pitfalls, experiences shared would be appreciatedn from anybody and of course any mention anywhere to generate traffic



well these website are very bad new english learner they make us crazy and confused


Pope Blinky

Don’t forget


Krista Rogers

Check out this new satire website: http://www.texascockroach.com. It’s “LaCucaracha’s Only News Source Since 8000BC-(Give or Take a Millennium)” A “newspaper” from this mythical small Texas town, reporting news and events from the town’s perspective. It’ll make you laugh for sure!



Satire news for german speakers: Check out salaminews.at based in Vienna, Austria. Compared to the anglo-american world things are still very much in development round here but we try our best…



I found http://www.TheDailyRash.com on The Spoof. You have to check it out! A MUST in your top ten satire sites! Hilarious!


Harrison J Bonuel

NBC news?



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