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FatFingers is a free web-based service that lets you search for misspelled items on eBay. The idea behind this is quite cool. Since the products are listed with spelling mistakes only few people are able to find them. Thus the items often close at considerably lower price or no bids at all. FatFingers helps you find such products through its search engine.

search for misspelled items on ebay

Moreover, FatFingers lets you further customize search options and include correctly spelled products as well.

Some important features:

  • Find misspelled eBay products to buy.
  • Cash in on low bids as mispelled items are not displayed in eBay search results.
  • Customize your search to only include instant-purchase products via PayPal.
  • Download free IE, Firefox or Mac widget and use it to search directly through URL links.
  • Similar eBay search sites: AuctionBloopers and TypoBuddy.

Check out FatFingers @

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