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Fasterplan lets you schedule a group event online. No need for registration, you simply enter your name and email and get a link to  an online event billboard. Then you add participants along with their names and emails, who will automatically receive the event’s billboard link where they can make event suggestions. You then make a event poll (e.g. “what should we do?”) with different options (“watch a movie”, go out for dinner”, “make a picnic” etc)  and add a calendar to choose a common date suitable for every participant.

As soon as everyone have voted for the event and selected a suitable time for them, you choose the most voted event and time that fits everybody. Then you make the final decision and everyone is notified.

schedule group events

You can watch the Fasterplan demo video below.


  • Plan group events with multiple participants ( friends, colleagues etc).
  • All the participants are notified by email automatically on every change to the event.
  • Every participant can make changes to the event – suggest/vote for event, select the time.
  • Similar tools: yaM, MeetMe, Congregar, MeetWithMe, Doodle, PermaTime, NeedtoMeet, MeetWithAgenda and TimeBridge.

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