FastenSeatBelts: Learn Cultural Norms And Values Before Traveling Abroad

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Traveling is the only way to learn to truly learn different cultures. And while immersing yourself in a different culture is fun, you might run into miscues with people while travelling. To avoid this, you should check Fasten Seat Belts. This website provides info on cultural norms and values for travellers to understand differentcultures and learn the decorum of the countries you are visiting.

cultural norms and values

Start by browsing for tips on the homepage. Hover over the images to read the quick tips, or click a tip to get a more detailed explanation. You can sort the tips by country, theme, or type. You can also learn some short foreign words that you can use in your trips. In addition, you can learn the historical background of these customs, which is fascinating to learn and in contrast with your culture.

Fasten Seat Belts is a great tool for any culturally-sensitive traveler, as we all should be.


  • Learn different cultural etiquette around the world before you travel.
  • Learn short words.
  • Sort by country, theme, and type.
  • Only Asia and Europe currently available.
  • Similar Tool: TravelEtiquette.

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Thomas Travels Indonesia

Great information. I am on a 9 month adventure throughout Asia and then Europe. It has been super important to me to educate myself before arriving to a foreign country. Learning what you can will avoid awkward moments and promote good safety. Thanks.



Australia isn’t on there?? It’s junk!

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