How Fast Do You Type? [MakeUseOf Poll]

polls   How Fast Do You Type? [MakeUseOf Poll]Last week we asked you all to tell us about your home music setup and explain how you listen to music at home. Overwhelmingly, it seems most of us primarily listen to a digital music collection on our computers these days, followed by streaming music on our computers and portable digital music players.

We collected 778 votes, divided as follows: 30% readers listen to a digital music collection on their computer; 22% stream music on their computers; 18% use a portable digital music player; 9% listen to radio; 6% use a CD player; 4% stream music using a Roku (or similar device); 4% watch TV music channels; 2% use a DVD player for music; while other options such as record players, MD players, retro players (grampohones and eight-tracks), portable retro players (walkmans and boom boxes) and other devices got less than 2% votes each.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

Computers are the most popular home music device for MakeUseOf readers.

listen to music poll   How Fast Do You Type? [MakeUseOf Poll]

This week’s poll question is: How Fast Do You Type?

Those of us who spend a lot of time on our computers know that there’s often a huge gap between the typing speed of a geek and an everyday human. There’s also a wide gap between those who do two-finger typing and those who touch-type. Regardless of your usage and your method, the effectiveness of your typing is determined by how fast you can accurately type. When you write off the top of your head, how fast are you typing?

How does your typing speed change when you’re transcribing things? Do you two-finger type or touch type? What keyboard layout do you use and has it affected your typing speed? Let us know in the comments!

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Aaron Couch

Is there a web app that measures how fast you type?

Meena Bassem

i was just about to ask that question , last time it was 40-50+ on a speed test website, i use 10 fingers on a normal keyboard

Angela Alcorn

Try (or just search – there’s dozens of good ones).

Aaron Couch

Cool! I just tried it and averaged around 70-75


ahhh shadapppp

Angela Alcorn

I usually use, but there’s a tonne of different typing tests out there you can use.

Amassine Omar

I think I type 80-89 WPM but in Arabic, my language.but I can’t type this in English.

Meena Bassem

hmm. 57


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