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Taxi fares can cost you a significant amount of money if the destination is far away. Often to ease the burden, people find others traveling in the same direction and split the cab fare. Now there is an online service to facilitate easy new york taxi sharing and it’s called “Fare Share”.

new york taxi sharing

You can use the service to find people in New York City who will be going in the same direction as you are. A formula on the website then calculates how much each person on the trip should contribute to the total amount, based on their destination’s distance from the departure point.

You can make use of FareShare through email, SMS messages, and through your iPhone. To be recognized by your cab partner you can upload a photo to your Fare Share profile or choose to be selected by the apparel you will have on.

taxi sharing scheme

If your experience with your cab partner was not satisfactory, you can report him/her to the website through a feedback system.


These abovementioned features and others help Fare Share serve its purpose wonderfully.

For more info watch demo video below:


  • Simple and easy taxi sharing scheme.
  • Lets you find people who can share cab fare with you.
  • Calculates the fair amount that each traveler will have to pay.
  • Can be made use of through email, SMS messages, and through your iPhone.
  • Helps you recognize your cab partners.
  • Currently for NYC only.
  • Similar tools: TaxiMe, ZimRide and TaxiMagic.

Check out FareShare @

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