Fantasy Storm: Become A Storm Tracker [iOS]

Are you a weather enthusiast? Do you like tracking storms and figuring out the possible path a hurricane might take as it ventures across the ocean and possibly up the coast of the United States? If so, you will love this iPhone app called Fantasy Storm. It is the perfect app for tracking and predicting storms along with lots of other iPhone users. It turns tracking storms into a fun, competitive game against other people around the world.

   Fantasy Storm: Become A Storm Tracker [iOS]

When a new storm is named, the app will send you an alert to let you know of its existence. Once you open up the app, you will able to drop pins along what you think will be the path of the storm. You can adjust your path as the storm moves along its path. It takes storm tracking and turns it into a game.

   Fantasy Storm: Become A Storm Tracker [iOS]

This app is definitely cool for hardcore weather enthusiasts. It has all kinds of leaderboards so you can keep track of who is the best storm tracker. It also integrates with your social media accounts so you can share your storm tracking skills with your friends. They want to take all the crowd-sourced data and use it to more accurately predict the path of major storms.


  • Predict the path of storms on iOS.
  • Leaderboards to keep track the best storm trackers.
  • Live satellite imagery.
  • Notifications of new storms that need to be tracked.
  • Similar tools: MyHurricane, HurricaneWatch and Stormpulse.

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