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Feature-rich and extremely user-friendly online image enhancement tool. What is makes it stand out from many other image editing tools (even from a really good 5 Really Powerful Online Image Editing Tools 5 Really Powerful Online Image Editing Tools Read More ones) is a powerful easy-to-navigate interface and a rich choice of one-click enhancement features.

FanStudio - One Click Online Image Editing

Feature Overview

  • Camera: Correct “red-eyes” effect, Remove the noise, Clearing the skin, Remove distortions, Correct vignette.
  • Orientation: Rotate to left or right, Flip over, flip horizontally, flip vertically, Tilt to left or right.
  • Light: Shadows adjustment, Balance of light and shadows, Lighting adjustment, Increase/Decrease Brightness.
  • Color: Shade Colder/Warmer, Increase/Decrease Saturation, Color correction.
  • Clarity: Sharpness, Blur, Auto/Manual contrast adjustments.
  • Picture Size: Crop image, Change picture size.
  • Effects: Vintage, Black/White Photo, Tint with color picker.
  • Decor effects: Borders, Funny effects.
  • Compare enhanced image against the original.
  • Un-do and Re-do applied changes at any moment. Share hosted photos with others.
  • Save photos on your PC or host them on FanStudio.
  • Browse gallery of user uploaded and edited photos.
  • Embed hosted images on your blog or personal webpage.

Check out FanStudio @

  1. stuart
    October 24, 2007 at 6:48 am

    You have come to the right place to idiot-proof software.

    How in blazes does one use this product?

    Several of the FAQ's do not work?


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