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Social networking websites are jungles, yet somehow they work the same as in the real world: the most popular celebrities and icons stand out. There should be a way to organize all of these popular pages and profiles.

most popular facebook pages

Fortunately, Fan Page List does just that. This directory of Facebook fan pages allows users to find their favorite celebrities, sports teams, TV shows, and brands, while checking out where each popular Facebook Page ranks against each other.

list of most popular facebook pages

Fan Page List is definitely a Top-whatever list for Facebook Fan Pages. To use this website, just browse through the different list and view the Featured Users, Popular Users Today, and Recent Additions. The list is divided into Brands, Celebrities, Politicians, Games, Teams and more. Profiles are ranked by the number of fans a Facebook page has while each item in the list shows the category that they belong to.

You can also view the recently-added Twitter rankings. Twitter accounts are ranked by number of followers although they also have an index that ranks the most influential Twitter accounts.


Fan Page List is a cool metric to view popular icons in the social media space. If anything else, it is just fun to know if your favorite celebrity made the list.


  • Lists most popular facebook pages.
  • Sortable fan list.
  • View rankings by different categories.
  • View the Twitter influence of popular accounts.
  • Find featured profiles, categories, and trending users.
  • Free no sign up required.
  • Similar Tools: Twitter Grader, and Resonancers.

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