FamousObjectsFromClassicMovies: Guess Famous Objects From Movies

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Are you a movie buff? ¬†Do you think you can identify objects that were shown in famous movies? If yes, then you can test your abilities on a site called “Famous Objects From Classic Movies”.

famous objects from movies

“Famous Objects From Classic Movies” is a simple and fun website that does exactly what its name says: it shows you an object from a famous movie and then asks you to name the movie. The site keeps a score of the objects you guess right and wrong. Overall, this simple game is a must-play for all movie fans.


Check out FamousObjectsFromClassicMovies @ www.famousobjectsfromclassicmovies.com

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Benjamin Tiessen

This is the stupidest website i have ever seen. A PICTURE OF AN APPLE. OBVIOUSLY SNOW WHITE.

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