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FamilyShield is a great free service that provides protection from phishing schemes. But that is only its secondary object; the primary objective is to block all types of adults websites and save your children from viewing them online.

block adults websites

Normally with tools like these, children can use proxies and other anonymizers to circumvent the anti-porn controls. But through Family Shield’s simple procedure, your child’s impressionable eyes will be safe from adult material by direct access as well as proxy tools.

The service is provided by OpenDNS which already has a few services in place for content filtering. But Family Shield’s added ability to block proxies and web malware in addition to porn is what makes it special.

You start by going to the service’s homepage, choosing protection on your router (not your computer), then selecting your router, and following the steps outlined. What you basically do is change both of your home router’s DNS addresses to The site provides a step-by-step guide on how to do this.



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