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FamilySafetyCenter is a portal put together by Google that contains lots of tips, answers, videos and articles to help provide a safe internet use for kids and family. In addition to a list of safety tools that are embedded in various Google services, the site has a detailed FAQ section on how Google handles various related issues.

Watch a number of videos containing tips from other parents on how to protect your kids over the internet or read articles posted by a number of child safety organizations across the country. The site also helps you learn how to report abuse or inappropriate content on several of Google’s services.

Moreover, a list of resources gives you additional information on a safe internet experience.

safe internet use for kids


  • Get tips and advice on safe internet use for children.
  • Articles and FAQs tell you how to handle various situations.
  • Get tips directly from other parents.
  • No registration required.

Visit FamilySafetyCenter @

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