Family by Sygic: Know Where Your Family Members Are At All Times [iOS & Android]

Knowing where your family members are at all times gives you a sense of security and safety that everybody wants. A parent who does not know where their children are and cannot find out can quickly get very frustrated and worried. Your child could just be at one of their friends’ places but on the other hand, they could be gone to one of the unsafe parts of your city.

In the latter situation, you might want to call them up or go collect them yourself. Here to help you find out the location of family members is the smart device application called Family by Sygic.

sygic family   Family by Sygic: Know Where Your Family Members Are At All Times [iOS & Android]

Family by Sygic is a free to use smart device application that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The iOS app is sized at nearly 4 MB and requires your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad device to be running version 4.3 or later of iOS. The Android app is sized at nearly 5 MB with a requirement of Android version 2.1 or later.

Using this app, you are able to find out where your family members are. For the app to work properly, all of your family members must have an iOS or Android device with this app installed on it. You can be the administrator on the app and mark out safe and unsafe regions on the map of your city.

sygic family1   Family by Sygic: Know Where Your Family Members Are At All Times [iOS & Android]

In addition to marking out regions, you can send free messages to your family, know when kids leave school, receive alerts when family members are not in safe regions, mark a place to know when family members arrive at that location, check in to tell people where you are, and a lot more.


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Well, knowing where your family members devices are is maybe more correct to say. As a kid, if I wanted to go to a place I do not want my parents to know I would leave my device with some friends ;)