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Familiar is an interesting new service that wants to enable sharing through an under-utilized feature of computers – screensavers. Here’s how it works – you sign up with them, download their desktop app or add their apps for social platforms like Facebook and Flickr and then add photos to it. Now you can add friends and ask them to use the tool too. So when you decide to share your photos with them, just add them to Familiar and they get added to your friends’ screensavers automatically.

pc to photo frame

There are various customization options avilable. Also, there’s an email facility where you could just email photos to and they’ll show up on your friends’ screensavers. Overall, a new and innovative service for sure.


  • Share photos via Windows screensaver.
  • The photos remain private, only shared with friends.
  • Services like Facebook and Flickr supported.

Check out Familiar @

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