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Of all the games we hoped to see in 2015 6 Games We Hope To See Announced In 2015 6 Games We Hope To See Announced In 2015 As gamers, we're always looking ahead. Here are a few far-fetched titles we'd love to see this year. Read More , Fallout 4 is the only one that’s going to be a reality — and it’s only a month away! Bethesda has thankfully kept most details under wraps since Fallout is a series best played blind.

Still, if you want to start planning out your character ahead of launch day, there’s an easy yet unofficial way to do it.

Vault 111, a fan site for the series, has released a character creator that lets you distribute points according to the upcoming game’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L tree. Afterwards, you can view a live chart of the perks that will be available to you based on how you distributed your points.

For example, if you want extra resistance to radiation, then you’ll need a high Endurance. If you want to befriend animals of the Wasteland, then you’ll need a high Charisma. And so forth.


Players who don’t want any details about Fallout 4 spoiled should steer clear of this website before the game launches, but for everyone else, feel free to play around with your stats ahead of time. If you like, you can even export your character and send it to others.

Check out mine for inspiration!

Can’t wait another month for Fallout 4? See our review of Fallout Shelter, a free-to-play mobile game where you play as a Vault Overseer. Hopefully it’s enough to tide you over until November 10.

Are you planning on buying the game? Will you be using this tool? If so, share your characters with us in the comments below!

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