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Smartphones are more than communication devices but also sophisticated pocket-sized computers packed with sensors for geo-location, orientation and movement. There are many apps that take advantage of these components, and one especially good use for them comes in the form of Fall Monitor for Android.

The application is designed to run in the background 5 Ways To Cut The Battery Drain On Your Android Phone 5 Ways To Cut The Battery Drain On Your Android Phone Have you ever glanced at your Android phone, only to notice that the battery charge is already half gone and you didn't even touch the phone once? Many people constantly download and install new apps... Read More and detect falls and trips, aimed particularly at those with poor balance and the elderly.

detect fall

Once a fall is detected the application automatically sends a text message 3 Great Free Alternative Apps To Replace The Default Android SMS & MMS App 3 Great Free Alternative Apps To Replace The Default Android SMS & MMS App As you might expect, all Android phones come with a stock messaging app that handles SMS and MMS messages. This app provides basic functionality, and may be modified in different ways based on the phone... Read More to the designated emergency contacts, which includes a link to where the fall was detected on Google Maps. To ensure accuracy the service uses a combination of GPS co-ordinates, triangulated cellular reception and active Wi-Fi networks for geo-location. The service even starts when the phone is first switched on, meaning it’s always there until you tell it otherwise.

fall monitor for android

Users are recommended to run the automatic calibration first, as well as testing the three different fall detect methods. To avoid false positives the app uses a 10-second cooldown period to detect whether the user has moved or not in the time following the fall. The app then uses this data to decide whether to alert emergency contacts or not. Fall Monitor is potentially a very useful app indeed, and it’s completely free.



  • Detects trips and falls before notifying emergency contacts.
  • Sends an SMS with a link to the location of the fall on Google Maps.
  • Uses a 10-second cooldown period to detect false positives.
  • Runs in the background, starts when the phone starts.
  • Similar: CRADAR.

Check out Fall Monitor for Android @ Google Play

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