Fake Name Generator

Fun name generator tool for quickly creating totally fake but very sound names along with the address and contact details. Name generation settings include:

  • Sex (male, female, random)
  • Nameset options (Chinese, American, Indian, German, Russian, Arabic, etc.)
  • Country of residence.

So in case you need and indian identity in US or an American name in Japan it can help you out. Along with the fake name and address you also get email, credit card details and even a birth date.:-)

fake name ganerator   Fake Name Generator
    “We’ve generated millions of names for hundreds of companies and individuals! We can provide test data in several formats (including MySQL, CSV, tab delimited, and Excel) absolutely free through our Order in Bulk page.”

Check out FakeNameGenerator @ www.fakenamegenerator.com

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Thanks for this cool generator. You should try this too: ninjaname.net


hi i will like credit on this site




Very useful site and great invention. Thank you


very useful the fake name generator but theres no fake security code? i creat itunes account aside from the card number they need the security code of the credit card that you use..now thats my problem