FakeTweetBuilder: Create Fake Twitter Conversations For Fun

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There are numerous tools out there that let you create fake Facebook posts and conversations. Inspired by those, a similar tool for Twitter was created and named Fake Tweet Builder.

create fake twitter conversation

Fake Tweet Builder is a free to use web app that lets you create fake Twitter conversations. To use the site you don’t need to sign up for any accounts. All you need to enter is the Twitter conversation you would like to be faked. The conversation should be in the format as shown in the image with each Tweet preceded by the Tweeter’s handle. Next you can select which other options you want the conversation to show, for example, custom Twitter client, credit name, custom colors, full names, custom avatars, etc.

With your options set you can generate your fake tweet, view it, and download it as a PNG image.


Optionally you can submit your fake tweet for it to be published on a permalink at Cheezburger that you can easily share with friends.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create fake tweets.
  • Lets you modify numerous options of the tweet.
  • Lets you download your tweet as a PNG file.
  • Can submit your image at Cheezburger.
  • Similar tool: TweetForger.
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Check out FakeTweetBuilder @ www.faketweetbuilder.com 

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