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Some events in your life can be too important to forget. And while reminders through text messages or emails can really help, they still have a chance to be overlooked. FaceReminder is a tool that lets you receive reminders via Facebook direct messages.

The tool is dead simple to use with a great functionality. Simply start off by typing the reminder message, this can include information about the event or any other note you want to remember. Once you have typed the note (up to 188 characters long), set the date that you would like to be reminded on. The date can be entered manually or picked up from a pop-up calendar.


After the message and time has been set up, simply login to your Facebook account by clicking the ‘Login to Facebook’ button by entering your username and password. The tool can also be used to specifically set reminder for birthdays. Once you click on the ‘Save Birthday’ button, FaceReminder will ask your permission to request information from your friends and then set reminders for their birthdays. Reminders can be set for the exact day as well as the day before. In short, FaceReminder makes it really simple to remember important events and get notified through something that has become an integral part of our lives. The tool is dead simple to use with no hassle of signing up for an account.


  • Set reminders for important events.
  • Receive reminders through Facebook direct messages.
  • Set up specific reminders for your friends’ birthdays.
  • Choose to receive reminders on the exact day and day before.
  • Select the date you want to be reminded on.
  • No registration required.

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