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Create a totally new look for you and your friends in a matter of seconds. Using FaceInHole you can put your face on other photos and create fun pics. See how you would look like with a different haircut, morph your face into some famous picture or put yourself on a famous movie poster or CD cover.

faceinhole - put face in photos

Select a theme you want to use, upload your photo (or use a webcam) and let it put your face in the hole. Once the image is ready, send it to your friends, post it on your blog or make it public on


  • See how you or your friend will look like on some famous poster or CD cover.
  • Extensive library of posters and scenarios.
  • Share your creations with your friends.
  • Make images public, post them on your blog or keep them private.
  • Similar web app: PhotFunya.


face in hole - put face on pic

Check out FaceinHole @

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