Facebridge: An Excellent Proxy That Helps You Use Facebook

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Facebook is an excellent online social network that helps you connect with all of your contacts. But as useful as the network is, its function of letting you constantly interact with friends makes it an unproductive distraction at times. This is precisely why the IT departments of many workplaces and educational institutes have blocked Facebook altogether.

Under such circumstances, people tend to make use of various proxies to enjoy what Facebook has to offer. Unfortunately these proxies do not work seamlessly with Facebook and a few features of the social network are unavailable. One proxy, however, that does work is a website called Facebridge.

proxy to use facebook

Facebridge is a free to use website that lets you use Facebook through a proxy. If the network you are on has currently blocked Facebook, then Facebridge is just the tool to use. The site offers an interface exactly like that of Facebook and you will not even feel the difference. You will be able to enjoy all features that Facebook has to offer.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Proxy for Facebook.
  • Lets you use all features of Facebook.
  • Lets you upload photos to Facebook.

Update: Due to complains from our readers the link to the site has been disabled. For more info see the comments.

Check out Facebridge @ facebridge.net

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Israel Lot

Great ! Really works. The best web proxy I’ve seen so far.



Hey Guys.

Thanks for alerting us. We will check the site right away..


Spam is above

Israel Lot is listed as the owner of facebridge.net in the WHOIS. Way to like your own site.

It seems to me facebridge.net is entirely insecure and should not be used. It could easily be stealing your Facebook credentials, session, and all of your personal information.



Accidentally logged in to it by mistake. when I logged back into fb it told me my account might have been hacked and someone had logged in from redmond. i changed my password immediately



Hi. Facebook, Google, and a numerous other websites keep an eye on the location you are signing in from. Because proxy websites often disguise your location and sign into your account from virtually another geographical location, Facebook might have misinterpreted that as an attack on your account. Having said that, we had given Facebridge an extensive test drive at the time of the review and found no apparent malware issues with the website.

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