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If, like many others, you feel you are getting lost in details and missing the big picture of your life on Facebook, this new tool can help. FacebookSpectrum gives you a comprehensive yet succinct overview of  your Facebook account. Once you log in using your Facebook account, the first tab displays the list of your friends in a fancy moving ball.

You can click on the timeline tab to see your or any of your friend’s timeline and check out the birthday tab to list upcoming birthdays of all your friends by month. View a Google map with locations of your friends identified and see a pie chart showing the top 10 of your friends with the most number of albums. You can also see a pie chart for gender distribution and see things that you and your friends mutually like.

overview of facebook


  • See a big picture of your life on Facebook.
  • See timeline of you and your friends.
  • Various stats and pie charts give you insights.
  • See list of Birthdays for all your friends.
  • No registration required.

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