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Not too long ago, there was a time when websites were not cluttered with Facebook ‘Like’ buttons and everything you did or said was not shared on Facebook. If you miss that time, you’ll love this Google Chrome extension. FacebookDisconnect eliminates all evidence of Facebook from your browsing experience.

That includes all the ‘Like’ buttons and all the options to share content on Facebook. The change is not only visual, the tool also stops the flow of data from all the websites to Facebook. This means Facebook will no longer be tracking your activity, likes and dislikes. It is a great tool for somebody who is not too comfortable with Facebook tracking all your information.

eliminate facebook


  • Remove Facebook like buttons from all websites.
  • Prevents your data from being sent to Facebook.
  • Gives you a Facebook free browsing experience.
  • Removes Facebook from sharing options.

Download FacebookDisconnect from Google Chrome Extensions

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