FacebookDeletes: Delete Multiple Facebook Friends At Once

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Facebook does not let you perform operations in bulk. A perfect example of this is deleting friends from your account – you can only remove friends individually. In case you want to delete numerous friends, the process becomes very time-consuming. Here to solve this problem is a tool called FacebookDeletes.

delete multiple facebook friends at once

FacebookDeletes is a browser script that works best with Mozilla Firefox running Greasemonkey. With the script installed in your Firefox browser, you can visit your ‘Edit Friends’ page and begin deleting friends in bulk. You will find checkboxes next to each friend’s name and a new “Facebook Delete Friends” button right under your name at the top of the friends list.

This button lets you select deletion options such as the maximum number of friends to select. You can also select the friends you want to keep in your friends list to prevent their removal. By setting the options they want them, you can easily delete multiple Facebook friends in a single go.


  • A user-friendly browser tool.
  • Comes as a script best compatible with Firefox.
  • Helps you delete multiple Facebook friends at a time.
  • Lets you control maximum number of friends to delete.

Check out FacebookDeletes @ http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/43404 

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