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Facebook and Twitter are coming together at long last. Well not really, but at least Facebook is going to add the ability to post your status updates directly to Twitter. Users have been able to post from Twitter to Facebook for some time now, but not the other way around.

This, along with Facebook’s new subscription option seems like Facebook is obviously trying to stay ahead of Google+. Facebook is still the number one social network in the world, and it is clear they do not want to end up like poor MySpace. Adding new features at the rate they have lately is a great way to make sure they keep their place at the top.

The obvious limitation is that Twitter only allows statuses of up to 140 characters, while Facebook allows much more. I would venture to guess that statuses longer then the limit will be cut off and have a link to the original on Facebook. This is great for users who have a Twitter account but just don’t use it very much. Now they can post on Facebook and have it go to their Twitter page automatically without having to worry about it.

Look for this new feature to roll out soon, possibly after the Facebook Development Conference on September 22nd.

Source: PCWorld


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