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If you’re a fan of Facebook, you’re probably a user of a few other social networks too. You might have an account on Twitter or Google+, which you might use for work or just as a place to chat. You might also collect links in Google Reader, Delicious or Evernote. But do you know how easy it is to link them all together in just the right ways?

You may have previously heard MakeUseOf staff raving about IFTTT (If This Then That) and showing you some of the awesome stuff you can do with it. Today, we’ll show you some of the best IFTTT recipes you can use with Facebook and Twitter to make organising your online social life just grand.

Quick IFTTT Primer

If you’ve never used IFTTT before and you’d like a quick run-through first, check out Justin’s great article which goes through all the IFTTT basics If This Then That: Connect & Automate Any Two Of Your Favorite Web Apps If This Then That: Connect & Automate Any Two Of Your Favorite Web Apps Connect any two of your favorite web apps in creative ways. A sort of "digital duct tape" according to Linden Tibbets, the app's creator, If This Then That (ifttt) lets you find new uses for... Read More . Then check out the following great Facebook recipes.

Send #fb Tweets To Facebook Minus Hashtag

Although it’s possible to link up Twitter and Facebook natively Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat Trick Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat Trick In the world of social networks, there are two really big players: Facebook and Twitter. These are not the only players, not by a long shot, but with almost 150 million users on Twitter, and... Read More now, it’s still an all-or-nothing kind of thing. For those of us who still want a little bit of control and prefer to use the #fb tag to say which tweets go to Facebook, there’s an IFTT rule which will send them along and strip out the #fb tag for you.

Tweet My Facebook Status Updates

For cross-compatibility with Twitter, you can also get Facebook updates sent to Twitter. With this and the last IFTT recipe working together you could get into a loop, so just pick one.


Tweet My Facebook Links

Another recipe will send your Facebook links to Twitter for you. So, if you are busy showing your friends fun things on Facebook your Twitter followers will see it too.

Google Reader Starred Items To Facebook

So, each morning you might sit down to your morning coffee and read your Google Reader RSS feeds. When you find something worth sharing, the natural thing is to star it or share it to Google Plus – not to jump into Facebook and add a link to share with your friends. With this little recipe, any articles starred in Google plus will be added as a link in Facebook painlessly.

Pictures Posted To Twitter Sent To Mobile Uploads On Facebook

If you’re the sort of person who instantly heads to Twitpic or similar when you want to share a photo you’ve taken while out and about, then this little recipe will help you share your Twitter photos with Facebook too. Any pictures you send to Twitter will automatically be sent to your mobile uploads album in Facebook too.

Delicious Links To Facebook

If you naturally save all of your best shareable links to Delicious, you’ll love this recipe. It will take any link you publicly share on Delicious and post it to Facebook for you.

Facebook Links To Evernote

This is a recipe which works on the premise that you want all things to be collected in Evernote for safe keeping. It will back up any link you’ve sent to Facebook by sending your Facebook links to Evernote for you.

Google+ Update To Facebook

If you’re active on Google+ and would like that to be reflected in your Facebook activities, use this recipe to bring your Google+ updates into Facebook. It uses to get your Google+ RSS feed and will add any update it sees.

Update Twitter Photo When Facebook Changes

Here’s a neat way to keep your identity looking the same across Facebook and Twitter. The recipe will ensure whenever you change your Facebook photo that your Twitter photo is updated as well.

More IFTT Articles

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What are your favourite Facebook and Twitter IFTT recipes? What would you love to be able to do with them?

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