How to “Friend” Someone on Facebook & Hide It From Your Status Updates

facebook logo   How to Friend Someone on Facebook & Hide It From Your Status UpdatesI’m sure that this has happened to you before. Someone you have ties to, whether it’s a co-worker, your boss, or even worse, a parent, has finally discovered social networking and wants to be your newest Facebook friend.

For me personally, that’s no big deal. I’m fairly open about my online activities. Everything I write, Digg, or otherwise share goes through my FriendFeed to my Twitter then ultimately onto my Facebook (my, that sounds naughty). Besides that, just about everyone I’d consider a co-worker is already on Facebook, and would have little issue about my other Internet activities.

Putting all that aside however, imagine for a moment that I worked at Domino’s Pizza and that I don’t want my boss to know that I just became a fan of Papa John’s (writing this one’s gonna make me hungry). Here’s what I would do to hide Facebook status updates and keep that fact confined to my closer friends:

On your Facebook home page, you should see the ‘Settings’ menu close to the search field on your upper-right. Open that menu and go to ‘Privacy Settings’.

privacysettings   How to Friend Someone on Facebook & Hide It From Your Status Updates

On the next page, you’ll have four choices: Profile, Search, News Feed, and Applications. What you’ll want to edit here are your Profile privacy settings.

privacysettingslist   How to Friend Someone on Facebook & Hide It From Your Status Updates

By default, everything on your profile is limited to your Friends and your Networks (your first Network is likely your city of residence, but you may have joined more). From the screenshot above, you can see that I’ve limited everything on my profile to my Friends and their Friends. Anyone else who visits my profile will only see that I have a profile, but will not see what’s on it.

In my example, you’re going to want to edit the setting on your Status Updates, since you don’t want your boss to know that you’ve “fanned” the competition. Click that dropdown menu and then select ‘Customize’.

statusupdateexception   How to Friend Someone on Facebook & Hide It From Your Status Updates

You may want to tweak your overall privacy setting here, but what we’re aiming for is the “Except These People” list at the bottom of this dialog. Type out the name of any of your Friends to restrict that person from viewing anything in your Status Updates.

For all you faithful Facebook fans, we’ve got a lot of tips and tricks on how to make the most of the site. If you have any privacy tips or concerns to share, please drop them in a comment. I’m off to order pizza.

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GoEverywhere Team

Tim, thanks for walking everyone through this. I do have a few people I need to limit access to, so I’ll be doing this later today on my personal webtop!


he facebook privacy pae no longer looks like this. Now how dop you do it? I want the person to see my wall but not my status update


Yeah, I figured this one out while I let my mom wait in limbo for a couple days. Sadly, I am 32. I just don’t think some of what I put on there I want to have come up at holiday dinners. Call me a bad son, but no thanks.


Thanx for the info!

tarsha maire hunt

go on meebo


Knowing how to use Privacy Settings is good, but if the boss visits your page, he is still going to be able to see what Pages/Groups you are a member of, so that is a VERY bad example. I *think* this will prevent your boss from reading your statuses on your own wall, but not even sure about that.


If you block someone from your status updates so it doesn’t show up on their home activities page, they won’t be able to see when they visit your page. If you join groups/pages, they won’t see the activity that you’ve joined, but eventually see that your profile indicates you’re part of a group.


I have not joined facebook to date because I don’t want a given friend to be able to see who any of my other friends are.

Is it possible to configure the settings so each friend has access to my profile information (including any pictures I may post), but has no access to any information about any of my other friends on facebook? I.E., from Friend A’s perspective, Friends B through Z do not exist and there is nothing about them available or apparent when Friend A views my profile?

honey belen


tarsha maire hunt

hi my name is tarsha marie hunt



I just wanted to know how I can hide one particular friend from the rest of my friends…I understand friends of my friends will still be able to see this particular person.



Let’s be honest. If you are looking for privacy, you probably shouldn’t have a social media account. Social media is based on the idea of sharing. If there is something that you don’t want the world to see — facebook isn’t the place to put it, no matter the privacy settings.


Hi, is there any chance that theres a way to hide certain posts from people, so they can see anything i post apart from if i decide to hide it from them.


I do not want to hide all of my status updates, only friending options. I work on fan pages, & in order to @message (or mention) other fan pages, I have to become a fan. When I do this (which is frequently), it shows up constantly in my news feed. Is there a way I can only limit that information. Not that I care about people seeing who I am becoming fans of, I just don’t want to constantly annoy with useless feed updates.

Bob K

Okay, let’s say I want to block a certain friend from seeing my statuses, is there any way this friend will know that I have blocked him/her from my statuses?


I don’t think so Bob, I think you will be safe to block.


This settings is no longer the same now, since facebook change the way the settings is configured.


Of course, they might wonder why they’ve been cut off from viewing status updates. Facebook always seems to be trying to cover a floor with not enough carpet.


i dont see where it says except these people? where can you find that?


Sarah, you can’t see it because they’ve changed the way privacy settings are done. I don’t think you can block people from seeing status updates and things like when you add a friend. So if you add 20 friends today, all your other friends see 20 spams. Stupid FB.


That’s EXACTLY what I’ve recently found!!

how is that in the best interest of the Facebook users?

I tell you, that company…

Anyway, does anyone have any news on whether FB plan to change this or if there has been a user backlash?
Because this sucks majorly..


ManchesterUtd Fan

Great ideas, but I have another question…
I know my girlfriend’s password (she gave it to me voluntarily), what I want to know is: IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN SEE ALL COMMENTS (and other stuff) SHE HAS WRITTEN UP TO DATE. I don’t think I have time to check up all of her friends’ profiles. And IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN READ DELETED MESSAGES (Restore Massages deleted from either the Inbox or Sent Folder).

Keep it up.


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