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Facebook is at constant war with their privacy settings, often altering/tweaking things that cause a lot of users headaches. We have covered Facebook privacy Take Control Of Your Facebook Privacy With PrivacyDefender Take Control Of Your Facebook Privacy With PrivacyDefender Read More here a multitude of times.

One issue we’ve never tackled was that of protecting the sanctity of your Facebook profile when you’re in a public place. What do I do if I forgot to logout? How do I prevent this from happening again?

Facebook is attempting to answer both of these questions by rolling out some new features: temporary passwords and remote logging out. Allow me to point out how these features work, as well as assess the need for them.

Facebook Will Text Me A Password?

To receive a temporary password to your account, all you have to do is text



32665 (FBOOK)

from the mobile phone you have associated with your Facebook account.

You’ll receive a temporary password that expires in 20 minutes and can only be used once. The code will be a very secure one that includes both lower and uppercase letters and numbers, which will be relatively hard to remember, so be sure to keep your phone with you when you go to login.

If you are worried about forgetting to log out of your account, Facebook has you covered with their remote logout feature.

On your Account Settings page, Facebook will now show your activity, also. This will let you see the approximate location your account was accessed from, as well as the device from which it was accessed.


Tech Crunch called Facebook’s temporary password idea “genius” and “brilliant”. While I think it is a good move, I’m not entirely convinced that Facebook had to create a system for texting temporary passwords. Remote logout capabilities and recent activity seem to be enough for me, but it looks like Facebook really wanted to cover all the angles.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below!

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