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Anyone who is a big time Facebook user can probably attest to the massive amount of emails they receive. Every time you comment on a wall post or share something you get an email notification for every single other comment. That coupled with other emails can mean a pretty hefty inbox that can be tough to manage. Facebook is currently testing a solution to this challenge by consolidating very active users notification emails into periodic “digests” instead.

The strange part about this is that Facebook is changing these settings for users automatically. But the user can go back in and change the setting back manually if they want. I personally find it somewhat off putting that Facebook would take it upon themselves to run a test like this on users and change their account settings without the user’s consent. I think it would have been smarter for Facebook to email users and ask if they would like to take part in this test instead of forcing it upon them.

It is a cool idea, because I know I can get a little annoyed by the frequency of emails, and it sometime keeps me from commenting people’s posts because I know I am going to get bombarded with emails about every other person who comments on the post. What do you think?  Is this a feature you would like to see happen?

Source: Inside Facebook

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