Facebook Stealthily Launches Page Manager App On Google Play [Updates]

facebook logo 300   Facebook Stealthily Launches Page Manager App On Google Play [Updates]Facebook is currently bringing its¬†Page Manager app to Google Play¬†for Android device owners who need to respond to their fans while on the go. This is certainly a step in the right direction, but Facebook’s iOS presence is still¬†substantially¬†higher.¬†Facebook has been hard at work trying to bring its Android presence to the same level as iOS. Facebook only recently launched a native Android app, which is something it did on iOS a long time ago. The social media giant also recently launched a Poke App on iOS and updated its messaging app with voice messages.

The Facebook Page Manager app for Android will offer page owners the ability to post new updates and photos. Page owners can also view and reply to private messages directly from the newly launched Android app. The new app allows page managers to stay connected the minute the something happens through notifications. Of course, if you have an incredibly active page, this might be a feature that is best turned off. The new app also gives page managers access to their insights on the go.

Those are some great features, but the app is still not as feature-rich as its iOS counterpart. The ability to add and promote Facebook Offers directly from the app is still absent from the Android version, but that feature was added to iOS after the initial release, so we expect the Android version will get the same treatment at some point.

pagemanagerandroid   Facebook Stealthily Launches Page Manager App On Google Play [Updates]

The app is rolling out gradually on Google Play. This means you may not see it in your area just yet. Facebook has promised it will be available around the world over the course of the next couple of weeks. If you don’t see it on Google Play where you live, just be patient, and it will be ready to use soon enough.

Source: TheNextWeb

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Lönja Selter

unavailable in uk as of now. :(

Dnyanesh Mankar

I bet this won’t come to Windows Phone anytime soon.

Matt G

Not available in the USA as of a few minutes ago.

Jaxx D

Unavailable in India too…. :(

Junil Maharjan

Facebook is releasing many apps now, may be that IPO did something to them.

George Nixon

Yeah I can’t see it in the US store either. If you have a rooted phone you can use Market Enabler to take your carrier id and use any country’s store you want. I’m in Malawi, which is not in the list of countries that can buy Play apps (for money, we can get free ones with no in app purchases) so I have to use ME to give Google money my British credit card. Bizarre.

George Nixon

Fake, not take, carrier id! Where’s the edit button?