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Facebook is looking to ramp up their advertising efforts. Starting next month, they will be displaying sponsored news stories in your regular news feed. These ads are based on things you and your friends have liked. These ads generally show the product and display the name of the friend who liked it. Previously, these ads have appeared on the right side of the screen where they are easy to ignore. With this change, they will be more in your face, and harder to miss.

Facebook promises that any stories that appear in your news feed will be something you or a friend like. You will never see stories from random companies that are not in some way affiliated with your network. That’s all well and good, but my friends like some pretty dumb things, and I would certainly prefer to keep them out of my newsfeed (or maybe I should find better friends).

Facebook also promises to clearly label the sponsored stories and try to show users no more than one sponsored story per day. This doesn’t sound terribly intrusive, but I think we can agree that we would prefer to keep the ads relegated to the side of the screen.

Source: Cnet
Image Credit: Cnet

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