Facebook Settles Class Action Lawsuit In The US – Emails Going Out Are Not Spam [Updates]

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Recently, many Facebook users received an email message coming from people claiming to be Facebook’s legal department. If you receive this email, your first instinct will probably tell you that this email is spam, and that you should delete it. In most cases that would be a good assumption, but in this case it is actually the real deal, however it only applies if you are in the United States.

If you get an email from legalnotice@facebookmail.com talking about a settlement, and you actually want to go through the process to get a share of the money from this class action lawsuit, don’t just delete the email. To get more information on the lawsuit, visit fraleyfacebooksettlement.com.

The lawsuit is about Facebook using photos in sponsored ads without user permission. Many Facebook users were up in arms over the ads, and it appears that Facebook soon realized it was in the wrong. The social media giant quickly agreed to a $20 million settlement on this case without going to court.

There is a small catch with the lawsuit, and that is if too many people claim on it and it becomes “economically infeasible to pay money to persons who make a timely and valid claim” the money will be given to a not-for-profit organization on the settlement website. Essentially, if too many people file a claim, no one gets paid, but at least a good cause gets the money.

If individuals actually do get paid, the amount will be up to $10, but that of course will depend on the number of people who sign up. The deadline to submit a claim is May 2 of this year.

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Richard Borkovec

I got this email, but I deleted it. The $10 isn’t worth the hassle it takes to get it. We knew this was going to happen (Facebook using people’s “Likes” for ads), and yet we keep our accounts there. They can donate my $10, I’d just like to know exactly which ad(s) my “Likes” were in.

Dave LeClair

I have a feeling enough people will claim for it end up donated. Time will tell.


Pianex Sobude

Curious about these ads. I have not seen them. Are they the ones on Google ads? Wow. I wish my photo was there… Lol.

(9 more likes of your comments to unlock Commenter Level 1 level… Help me please… Thanks :D)

Dave LeClair

They are the ones that appear on the side of Facebook and they include your friends.


joe pianta

Here is a lawsuit abuse, the lawyers are going to be paid over Seven(7) Million dollars but the case suit might get you 10.00 if you participate and the main class members will get a total of like $37k among themselves total.

Dave LeClair

Yea, it’s a messed up system that’s for sure.


Pearl Mckee

This will be a donation for my cause MS.


Jay Yang

anyone w/ legal experience care to weigh in on the “excluding yourself” option? in other words, should anyone actually worry about this thing in the future to warrant further legal actions?

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