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As with any change Facebook makes, Timeline was greeted with mixed reviews. Some users adore it (myself included) while others wish things would go back to the way they were. Love it or hate it, Timeline is here to stay, and Facebook is taking things a step further to enhance the experience by allowing third-party developers to create apps that use Timeline to share even more. Just reading the comments on the Facebook blog show how mixed peoples feelings are on the subject.

At launch, Facebook has apps available for all kinds of interests. They have apps for travelers, movie watchers, foodies and many more. Of course, these are just the launch apps and Facebook plans to add many more as time goes on. Chances are, if there is something you enjoy, Facebook will have a Timeline app that can handle it.

Adding an app is as simple as visiting the Timeline apps page and adding it to your profile. Your friends will see your activity from the app in their news ticker, on your profile and possibly in their news feed. It makes it easy to share whatever hobbies you enjoy.

Popular services such as Rhapsody, Spotify, GoGoBot and LivingSocial are available. Check out the Timeline apps page for a complete listing of apps.

Let us know in the comments which apps you enjoy, or how you feel about Timeline. Do you think Facebook is going too far with all these extras? We would love to hear your opinion!


Source: The Facebook Blog

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