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Remember Facebook Paper? It’s the application released for iPhone recently by the social networking giant Nadella Gates, Android Winning, Facebook Paper, Bieber Begone [Tech News Digest] Nadella Gates, Android Winning, Facebook Paper, Bieber Begone [Tech News Digest] Incomings and outgoings at Microsoft, Android wins big in smartphones, Facebook introduces Paper, Box launches Box Notes, the Windows desktop could be back by default, and the Internet calls for Justin Bieber deportation. Read More that is aimed at changing the way users browse content on their smartphones by featuring themed sections based on different interests and topics. Facebook just released a large update for the application that is designed to make it a little more functional for users.

The first new feature, and one that brings more of the core Facebook experience to the app, is the ability to edit your profile photo directly from the application. Another feature designed to bring more of the standard Facebook stuff to the app is the ability to see photo tags, something that was sorely missing from an application that is all about the visual aspects of the social network. Mentions have also been added when generating new posts.

A major new feature that has been added for viewing content is a Trending section. In here, users can see what’s hot on Paper, and other sources talking about the story. For people who want to keep up with the latest news from around the world, this section should prove to be quite useful.

Facebook has also integrated hashtags into the app, allowing users to simply tap one and see all of the related posts on the topic.

Paper _ Stories from Facebook

A small change to the way users browse photos has also been implemented. Users can tilt their phone to see any photo in more detail, which is a cool twist on just looking at the photos as you would normally through the standard Facebook app.


The last, and smaller, parts of the update come in the form of the ability to change who can see a post after it’s already posted, and the ability to tap and hold text to copy it. Speed and performance boosts are also in version 1.2 of the app.

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  1. Jeffrey L
    June 21, 2014 at 10:03 am

    Any idea if and when they are releasing Paper for Android?