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Page managers on Facebook are welcoming a few new developments today, after Facebook Developers announced several powerful new features. Now page managers can schedule posts, create unpublished page posts and provide fine-tuned administrative control for page management apps.

The changes are aimed at Facebook marketing professionals, who have been asking for features such as these for some time. These updates will allow page managers to offer more sophisticated management of pages.

Scheduling posts ahead of time is something marketers have only previously been able to do using third-party software such as Hootsuite. Now, Facebook natively allows page managers to schedule posts up to 6 months in advance and to cancel them again if need be.

Creating unpublished page posts allows page managers to promote certain posts as “Sponsored Page Posts” just to a limited section of their audience. The post isn’t published to the timeline, yet is still connected to their page and brand. This is ideal for promotions which are only relevant to part of your audience, such as a sale for women’s shoes.

The administrative control options for applications mean that marketers can now limit the permissions given to page applications. For instance, marketers can use applications to create adverts which will not have permission to post to the timeline.


Source: Facebook Developers

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