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Facebook developers now have another tool with which they can encourage users to share their apps and websites. Called the Send dialog, this prompt can now be added to the site’s content to encourage users to share with friends.

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because Facebook implemented a Send button Facebook Adds "Send" Button [News] Facebook Adds "Send" Button [News] In addition to being able to “Like” much of the indexed web, users can now specifically target friends privately using the "Send" button on Facebook. It is a new feature and designed as another way... Read More approximately two months ago. However, the Send button was a very simple and direct way of sharing information privately. The dialog will still serve the purpose of sharing content that a user likes, but will also give that user the opportunity to attach their own message when they share.

Developers now have access to this feature, and it’s already available on a handful of sites like Airbnb, Keespy and Jetsetter. Facebook’s own documentation about the feature suggests that it will be particularly useful for sites containing information that users want to share, but only with specific individuals. This includes eCommerce, travel and local events.

Keespy’s quick implantation of the Send dialog is one of the better current examples of how it will be used by sites in the future. The company allows for users to create photo albums that can be printed and shipped. The new dialog lets Keespy users to share a photo album they’ve created with friends and family who may be interested in ordering. The creative uses of this new functionality will be interesting to see as more sites and apps implement it.


Source: The Next Web


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