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Facebook is launching a really interesting new service that’s aimed specifically at journalists who are covering the latest happenings in the world called FBNewswire. It’s also useful for anyone who wants up-to-the-minute information on world events from verified sources. This new service, which uses Facebook’s partnership with News Corp-owned Storyful, offers real time information shared publicly by the users on Facebook who are actually at the event in question. When a major world event happens, such as a natural disaster, social media usually ends up breaking the story long before traditional media has the chance to cover it, and this move from Facebook aims to leverage that.

The key part of what Facebook is pitching here is the partnership with Storyful, which promises that the content will be verified. Whenever something happens, there is a lot of noise about it on all social media sites, and most of it is not all that useful for actual reporting, so the promise of the content being verified is a big deal, and should go a long way towards making the service something that is actually useful.

All of the information contained within Facebook Newswire is able to be embedded, which means it can actually be used directly in news stories. The fact is, reporters can’t be at the scene of everything that’s happening, but it’s quite likely that someone on Facebook is, and they are probably talking about it.

For non-journalist users, not only can you freely use this service to keep up with the news yourself, but it could also lead to better content from the websites you use to follow news. It may also allows outlets to get on the news faster, as they have a resource to get information and media faster than they could otherwise.

The service is live now and accessible at and the FBNewswire Twitter account.


Source: Facebook via TechCrunch

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