Facebook Messenger For Windows Leaks & Then Released Officially [News]

facebook messenger icon   Facebook Messenger For Windows Leaks & Then Released Officially [News]Facebook Messenger for Windows, which has apparently been in the oven for some time, has leaked to the web earlier this week. Facebook’s way to deal with this crisis was to officially release the app for download without further delay.

Facebook Messenger for Windows, available for Windows 7 only at this time, is a way for you to stay connected to Facebook chat, updates and news ticker, without having to leave your browser open. To start, you will need to log into Facebook using the browser, and then allow Facebook to keep you logged in. This means you will stay logged into Facebook even when you close the browser. This is necessary for the app to continue giving you desktop notifications. If you want to log out, you’d need to do so from the app.

image13   Facebook Messenger For Windows Leaks & Then Released Officially [News]

Facebook Messenger for Windows is currently no more than a carbon copy of your news ticker and chat sidebar, only you don’t have to have a browser open to view it. As it is, it’s apparent why Facebook was not ready to release Facebook Messenger officially. When I tried it, the app did not work very well, and the Log In button, while it did divert me to facebook.com, did not have much of an effect otherwise. In short, I was not really able to log into the app. This may be a localized problem, as the app does work on other computers.

If you’re curious and have been craving Facebook notification on your desktop, you can download the new app from here.

Source: ZDNet

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Rahul Thomare

Why do suck foolishness even get a mention is beyond me.


Since facebook chat is jabber, I’ve been using Miranda im to access it for a while now. Since I’m happy to log on for the breeders this app doesn’t really offer me anything


Same here, Scutterman. I’ve been using Miranda for quite a while now and it’s much better than Facebook’s native interface. However, I’m sure some people would like this idea. :)


*feeds even. Android spellcheck late at night gives some interesting results


The funny thing is that I didn’t even notice anything weird about it… I somehow read it “feeds” anyway, I think. :)


Dude I never thought about it liek that before. Makes sense.
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Never have I been so glad I don’t have a ‘smart phone’ – If it wasn’t for the far-flung family and real friends (as opposed to ‘FB friends’ I would close my account. Having it follow me when not at my desk – yuck!
BTW – I see SPAMmers have found this site and are invading to comments… :-(

Joel Lee

Seems like it’s a Disqus-related issue. I’ve seen the same sort of spam comments on other big sites that utilize Disqus comments. :( It’s unfortunate. Hopefully they fix it soon.


It is indeed. Disqus allows editing of comments after they were posted. So spammers submit some random text, then edit the comment with their spam message, including links and everything.


Our comments editors are doing their best to get to those spam comments and delete them as soon as possible, but they have been getting pretty common. 

Might be a Disqus issue, as Joel says.


Don’t understand why Facebook has released a featureless messenger (just like Google Talk). You cannot have video chat, group chat, and no customization whatsoever.
It’s just like less featured sidebar of Facebook website. I’ll pass.


I think they might have meant for it to be a bit better, but had to release it earlier than they expected.

Having said that, it is a pretty weird thing to have right now.. especially since most people have FB on their phones and have their browsers open most of the time while on the computer.

Might get better in the future, who knows!


I should be, or it’ll forever be like Google Talk, which is completely worthless and I don’t think it’s updated since 2007.
One thing I simply don’t understand – Why release a full fledged desktop app with far less features than web counterpart. Considering the desktop is way more powerful than browsers, this move simply feels stupid.


I agree, but if I understood correctly, they do plan to add those missing features. I’m not sure when they actually planned to release it, but this leak has definitely been bad for them.


Yup, Now I’m really confused if I’ll go for their new release or not.