Facebook Messenger Launches On iPhone & Android [News]

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messenger title   Facebook Messenger Launches On iPhone & Android [News]Facebook is trying to make sending messages an easier and more streamlined process if you are an iPhone or Android (2.2+) user by launching Facebook Messenger. Messenger allows you to send messages to any of your friends, whether they are a friend on Facebook or a person in your phone’s contacts list.

The app keeps all of your conversations neatly stored in one place, so you could potential use this app for your text messaging, chatting, Facebook messaging and emailing, without having to use anything else. It will automatically add your location to your messages if you choose, which promises to help make organizing people a little easier, since you can send them a quick message that has your exact location data attached.

You can also attach multiple people to each message, which of course makes life easier if you want to talk to several people at once.

fbshot   Facebook Messenger Launches On iPhone & Android [News]

I tested the app by sending a text message, an email and a Facebook message, and they all worked exactly as promised.

At this time there is no video chat included in the app, but with Facebook targeting that heavily on their site to compete with Google+ I think it is only a matter of time before this feature is added to the iPhone and Android app. Even though there is no video messaging, at least they included the ability to send pictures.

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iPhone app link
Android app link [2.2+]

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