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Facebook is launching a brand new version of the social recommendation pop-up box. This is the little box that pops out automatically when you reach the bottom of websites that have it implemented and suggests other interesting things to read. It is designed to engage readers in other articles that they may find interesting. The problem with the previous version is that most of the articles were not actually geared towards the individual, and so people did not end up clicking them.

This new version from Facebook promises a huge improvement in the way it presents articles. It actually shows you recommended articles from the site’s network based on things your friends have recommended. The idea is that this will make readers want to click on articles because they will be catered more to their interests.

The previous version recommended articles based on a computer algorithm. While these can be accurate most of the time, real human opinions are much more valuable. This could benefit website owners by generating more clicks, and readers by showing them more relevant content.

In preliminary tests, Facebook is seeing three times more clicks than with the old Recommendation Box. Of course, the results could prove different when the system is live on more websites, but any improvement is a good thing.

If you want to implement the Recomendation Box into your site, head to this page.


Source: TheNextWeb

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