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After sweeping yesterday’s massive potential data leak Facebook Quietly Patches A Massive Security Hole, Millions Potentially Affected [News] Facebook Quietly Patches A Massive Security Hole, Millions Potentially Affected [News] Facebook has confirmed claims made by Symantec over millions of leaked "access tokens". These tokens enable an application to access personal information and make changes to profiles, essentially giving third parties the "spare key" to... Read More quietly under the carpet, Facebook has since launched photo tagging for pages. The change allows anyone on the social network to tag certain Facebook pages in images, as well as the usual contacts.

At the moment only products and brands are supported (which includes musicians and bands), though a post from the Facebook pages team expressed a willingness to extend the service beyond the current offering (for example; pages for places).

The change is bound to mean more to businesses and marketing firms than the average user, with some mixed responses from Facebook users.

Many business owners and those with their own pages have expressed gratitude, whereas others claim that the change will encourage spam and irrelevant tagging. Any photos that a Facebook page is tagged in appears on the appropriate page, much like a normal users’ profile.


To tag a page, view a photo in the new photo viewer (tested not working from the “old” image view) click Tag This Photo, choose what to tag and start typing. If the business, brand or artist you are trying to tag has a Facebook page you will be able to tag it – even if you haven’t clicked Like. The only exemption to this rule are photos that do not allow tagging at all, a setting which can be stipulated by the uploader.

What do you think of Facebook’s new tagging for pages? How about yesterday’s boo-boo? Have your say in the comments.

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