Facebook Launches New Targeted Advertising, Will Use Data From Users’ Browsing Habits [Updates]

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Facebook users may soon see a new advertising trend arriving in their sidebars. The social networking site has introduced a new system of “partner categories” which advertisers can choose from to target more specific markets.

The categories are made up of more than 500 groups, allowing prospective advertisers to choose exactly who they want to reach out to. One example provided in a press release depicted groups as specific as “people who buy children’s cereals”.

These groups have arrived on Facebook as the result of a partnership with companies Datalogix, Epsilon, and Axciom. These companies will be providing data for Facebook to use in an effort to smarten up advertising results. Of course, this means that Facebook ads will now be based on user browsing habits on the rest of the Internet.

As you may know, Facebook’s original method of advertising was concocted from information based on usage within the site itself. This expansion into the whole of the Web is a giant leap for the networking service.

While Facebook itself will not be watching you as you traverse the Internet, its associates definitely will. Because of this, user responses are expected to be rather lukewarm. Logically, the site must utilize ads as a method of bringing in revenue, and as with any business, the system must be improved upon. However, many Facebook users tend to worry enough about their privacy, and this move is not going to make their concerns any less.

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Do you believe this is a good move on Facebook’s part? Are you more likely to welcome ads that target you specifically? Or would you prefer Facebook to not use data from outside sources?

Source: Facebook via TechCrunch

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I’ll stay with using Yoono so I don’t have to go to the Facebook page at all.
I don’t see people leaving Facebook because of the targeted ads but maybe they should!


Jeremy Garnett

Oh, it’s definitely a good move from Facebook’s perspective. However, there are certain modesty limitations to what users’ post, not to mention Facebook’s own guidelines. Activities on the rest of the internet have no such restrictions. I suspect that the Ad’s will take a swan dive towards the seedy side of the internet.


Nevzat A

Facebook please get your hands out of our private info’s!!!!!


Chris Hoffman

“Facebook itself will not be watching you as you traverse the Internet”

I assume it’s using the data they get from websites embedding Facebook buttons, so Facebook kind of is. Well, at least on websites that integrate with Facebook.


Scott M

Every week and another Facebook intrusion.I know the company has to make money but it always feels like their hand is in my back pocket.


Andy Bristow

I wouldn’t know about Facebook ads as I use Adblock Plus for Firefox :)



And so “Social Fixer for Facebook” will get more users…


Arron Walker

I’d rather a tick things I actually care about and want advertised to me solution. I would not mind if I had tablets and games being advertised at me



I understand facebook is a free service, and I have no problem with ads…except…when I open my page and have huge flashing ads blaring at me with no way to stop the animation. THAT is close to harassment. This program clearly needs some tweaking!


Kushan Kumara

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I think grow my knowledge from your site. good luck..!

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