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The London 2012 Summer Olympics Olympic Fever Starts Now With The Launch Of The London 2012 Athlete's Hub [Updates] Olympic Fever Starts Now With The Launch Of The London 2012 Athlete's Hub [Updates] Read More are almost upon us, and have already been dubbed as the first ever social Olympics. With that in mind, Facebook has just announced a dedicated London 2012 Olympic hub, featuring news and updates about the events, athletes and disciplines which are going to be part of the games that will commence in July.

The new Facebook Olympic Hub is divided into three sections: Athletes, Teams and Sports. The Athletes section currently features 170 athletes that will take part in the upcoming games, with more athletes to be added in the days left before the opening ceremony. The Teams section focuses on the different countries that will participate in the Olympics, and features official Pages for the Olympic Committees of each country. The Sports section revolves around the different disciplines we’ll get to see in the games, and includes Pages for shooting, judo, equestrian, etc.

In order to get constant updates on the entire event, you can Like the Olympic hub itself or the London 2012 Page featured at the top. You can also click on any of the featured athletes, teams or sports to follow that specific Page and thus get updates only on the things you find most interesting. Note that by clicking on an icon you are actually clicking the Page’s Like button, and this will not open the Page for viewing. If you want to view the page, there’s a small link on the bottom right of each icon.

This move by Facebook is another step towards truly making this year’s Olympics the most social one we’ve seen yet. Did you find some interesting Pages to like through the hub?


Source: Facebook Olympic Hub

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