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Facebook has announced a new and improved search experience called Graph Search, which helps you navigate Facebook’s vast amount of information and find new people who share your interests, specific activities, specific photos, and more. It’s different from regular Web search in that it utilizes Facebook’s database to show you information from people you know or might now, along with popular Facebook results.

Graph Search will make use of details people choose to share on Facebook, and will only use them according to each user’s privacy settings. This means that the same search for different people can yield completely different results, and this is what can make Graph Search unique. For example, you can search for friends who like to ski, for photos your friends took in Paris, for people who work in your company and like to dance, etc.

Graph Search is currently in limited beta testing for English-speaking users only. If you want to get a glimpse of the action, you can join the waiting list here. At the moment, not all the promised features are available, but these will be added shortly, as the service expands.

Privacy wise, Graph Search shouldn’t pose a serious problem as it will only use information you choose to share, and will only show it to people you chose to share it with. It remains to be seen how exactly this aspect will work, considering Facebook’s not-so-trustworthy reputation when it comes to privacy issues. You can read more about privacy and Graph Search here.

Will you use Graph Search once its available?

Source: Facebook


  1. Arxadius Stark
    January 16, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    I normally use LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to find people who have similar interests as me. Dunno how it'll work, for me at least, for Facebook.

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