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Facebook has announced a redesign. No, not for profiles this time, but for its Help Center. The Help Center, which should provide help with any Facebook issue you encounter, from features and ads to accessing a blocked account, has not been updated in several years, and was definitely due for an overhaul.

According to Facebook, the new Help Center is designed to “get you the information you need in just a few clicks”, and is even personalized according to things you may need help with. On the top, you’ll find a regular search box, with a friendly “what do you need help with?” filler, where you can search for your issues as usual. Alternatively, you can use the new six major topics to start browsing; these include a “See what’s new on Facebook” category, where you can read about Facebook’s newest features.

Keep scrolling down, and you’ll find a list of “Top Questions”. These are supposed to be personalized, at least to an extent, and include the most popular questions and answers users are viewing. Here you can also find a list of Facebook Pages you can follow for some further help and tips.

On the left side of the page you’ll find the new simplified navigation interface, where you can start searching for your issue if the six major topics did not fit. This is a more extensive list of categories, and includes things like Timeline, Security, Facebook Mobile, and more. If you need to report an issue, you can do so either through the yellow icon, or through the list on the left.

What do you think of this new design to Help Center? Is it easier to find solutions to your problems?


Source: Facebook

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