Facebook Improves Photo Speed And Adds New Features To Its Android App [Updates]

facebook logo 300   Facebook Improves Photo Speed And Adds New Features To Its Android App [Updates]Facebook is still working hard to bring its Android application up to par with its iOS apps. The social media giant just launched a new update that brings some cool new features to its Android app in addition to bringing a huge fix and improvement to a key portion of the app.

The first new feature is ability to share to more than just your timeline from the app’s Share button. Now, users can simply click the button and share posts to a friend’s Timeline, a Page you have Liked, or a group. This makes the overall process of sharing quicker and easier from within the Android application. You can still share in the way you did before, but the new way makes things a lot simpler.

Another new feature of the application is the ability to send voice messages. This is not necessarily new for Facebook, as Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android have had the feature available for a while, but it’s new to the main Facebook app, and new features are not usually a bad thing. It seems that Facebook tested the feature out in its Messager app, and now that it’s ready for prime time, it’s rolling out to all Facebook app users.

facebookandroidupdate   Facebook Improves Photo Speed And Adds New Features To Its Android App [Updates]

The next major change is not a new a feature, but it’s still something that users of the app should enjoy a great deal. Facebook has made it so you can view photos much faster. Photos will load substantially faster, but of course, when it comes to Android, your mileage may vary depending on the device and version of the OS you have installed. Still, speed was a major issue for the Android app, and anything that improves it is always a good thing.

Source: TheNextWeb

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Ken E Baker

Hi Dave, if you have a look at the user comments in the App store, the latest update by Facebook seems to have caused more problems than anything else. There are more 1 star ratings being given (as of today) than any app I have ever seen in the App store. I will definitely NOT be updating to the latest version.

Achraf Almouloudi

Hi Fu***r we are talking about the Android app here and our market is called Google Play so get your Apple shit up.

Ken E Baker

Sigh. I was talking about the Android app. My apologies for using the incorrect name – Google Play is a stupid name anyway. They are all app stores if you look at it. But thanks for pointing out the semantics. Well done for adding zero value to the commentary. I hope you don’t kiss your mother with that mouth.

Achraf Almouloudi

Respect yourself, and Google Play is not as stupid as Apple App Store as the word “play” actually gives it a reasonable meaning. I have checked what do the 1 star ratings say and I could understand that their issues are either caused by lack of reliable/fast connectivity or the lack of enough Disk or RAM storage for the app but I could agree that Facebook should work a lot to make the app lighter on storage as there isn’t much of that in low-end devices.


Since I updated a few updates ago I haven’t been able to add my location to posts on facebook. When typing a status, my location appears in the bottom right corner but no longer appears next to the time stamp to say ‘near london’ (for example!)
It works on my laptop so don’t think its a privacy setting. Any ideas?

Tina Sieber


This looks like a question best posted on MakeUseOf Answers.