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In a move that screams “it’s about time,” Facebook finally issued an update for their iOS applications that make them load at a respectable speed. This is an update that iOS users have waited for. The new update offers a slight change to the look, but the important part is the speed increase.

When I booted up version 5.0, the difference in speed was noticeable right away. In fact, it made me wonder how I used the old version of the application to begin with. Why was the Facebook app so slow to before this update? Instead of a native app, the app relied on UIWebView interface, which loaded much more slowly.

With this update the app boots faster, notifications load in an instant, new posts show up without refresh constantly, and the app no longer crashes. Basically, Facebook took all the complaints that users had and fixed them.

When a new post comes up on the News Feed, a little bar will appear. You tap that and the new posts will load right away. No more constantly pulling to refresh in hopes that something new will show up.


The main aesthetic change comes in the way pictures are viewed. The photo viewer looks a lot cleaner. Keeping with the speed theme, photos load almost instantly, and they can be closed with a simple swipe down.

The best way to summarize this update is with one word: Finally.

Have you checked out the new Facebook iOS app. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Source: TheNextWeb

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