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Are you sick of all the changes Facebook is making? Well Diaspora hopes so, because they are launching their own social network designed for all the people who feel like Facebook has wronged them. There has been a lot of uproar on the Internet over the Facebook privacy policy, and Diaspora, which is in the Alpha stage, is looking to capitalize on the anger by having users switch over and come to them.

Some of the features are very Google+ sounding, in that you only share with the people you want, à la circles. They call them “aspects” on Diaspora, but the idea is the same: place people in aspects and choose which aspects you want to share a post with. Where it is clear they are targeting the Facebook oppressed is with photo ownership. A lot of people are upset about Facebook being able to do what they want with your photos and with this new social networking service that won’t happen. They also promise a higher degree of privacy, so all the people who are in up in arms over Facebook’s privacy policy might want to take a look here.

Right now the service is invite only, and it is simple to ask for an invite. Simply head over to and enter your email. They will add you to the invitation list and get an invite to you as soon as possible.

Before you scoff at a new social network, remember MySpace and how they made a lot of changes. Next thing you know Facebook comes in and crushes them. Obviously, I’m not saying that is going to happen again, but you never know with these sort of things.

Source: JoinDiaspora


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