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Facebook is making it much quicker and easier to create an event with their new, shortened event creation screen. They are also giving event administrators more control over what appears on the wall for an event. Facebook has also decided to provide you with suggestions for people you might like to invite to the event. It’s a smooth update that makes planning events with your friends easier than ever before.

The biggest change with this update is the streamlining of the event creation page. Less information is required to create an event, thus making it quicker to get an event up and running. They have removed the requirement of adding a place and time. This allows you to use an event as a way to plan, so if you do not have a location and time set in stone, you can plan it with the people who are interested.

With this update you will be able to delete posts from people who have declined an invitation. This allows you to make your event seem more like the place to be. People might be deterred from attending if they see lots of posts from people rejecting the invitation. Don’t worry if you can’t think of enough people to invite, because Facebook will give you some suggestions for who it thinks might like to attend your event.

Multiple people can send the same person an invite, which might help influence someone who is on the fence. It can be much harder to ignore the invites of a small army than that of just one person.


The last change is that event creators will receive a notification when someone confirms or denies their attendance to the event. They will always know if their event attendance is likely to be a success or a failure.

Source: TechCrunch

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